Are you planning to have a padel court? Contact us and we will help you to find the best innovative and practical solution not only for the private court but for the padel club or arena. Professional Grip team will be happy to help you with padel court design, technical drawings, planning, construction and maintenance. All our courts come with a minimum five year warranty.

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adidas FX 2.0
Highlight your club.

The best in class.

RedSport PRO
The best selling padel court.

RedSport ALUMINUM RF 3.0
Traditions and innovations in one.

adidas ALUMINUM RF 3.0
Future outdoor padel court.

Classic padel court.

Padel construction for the most selective customer.

Why Grip?

Grip has build and/or installed more than 100 padel courts in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Sweden. Our experienced team can offer not only a wide selection of the highest quality padel courts models, but also the installing services from A to Z.  Every installation is unique, that’s why it’s important to have a professional advices from the very first step. If you are looking for a indoor padel court the building and the ceiling height plays the major role, while the climate, local landscape and many other factors need to be fully considered in order for you to have a long lasting and trouble-free outdoor court, tailored specifically for your location. Our experienced team will advise you what the best options are. We will take care of everything from design and ground preparation to the final installation works and the best light solution for your court. We are the exclusive adidas padel distributors in the Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Why adidas padel?

Padel is one of the fastest growing sports in the world today. There is a huge supply in the market of Padel construction manufacturers (there are at least 120 padel courts manufacturers in Spain alone). The Grip team has visited almost all the major padel court manufacturers in Europe. We have inspected the production methods, applied technologies, packaging and logistic solutions, etc. AFP Courts factory and adidas padel brand had the best solutions we were looking for the Baltic market. Thanks to the innovation and continuous product improvement that adidas courts are also able to guarantee the success of a project, complying with the highest expectations of sportspeople and providing best experience for players and court owners.

Main adidas padel courts features:

  • Made to IPF standards.
  • AFP production is robotic.
  • Laser cut anchor plates, designed with an opening to install the pillar and specifically to allow moisture egress improves the court’s durability.
  • Innovative “invisible” welding technology is used.
  • Anti – injury system of continuous mesh to create a safe playing area. It also benefit the bounce of the ball and increase the protection of the glass.
  • Extra anticorrosion treatment.
  • Highest quality painting.
  • Modern and economical LED solutions.
  • Reliable packaging.

How much does it cost to have a padel tennis courts??

The price of a padel court depends on many aspects. However, 60% of the price of the padel court consists of: padel fencing, lighting and covering. And the earthworks, installation of bases, foundations and the construction itself with a coating make up the remaining 40%. The price of the most popular equipment according to the  installation from A to Z is about 35,000 EUR + VAT. You will find out the exact prices after coordinating all future works with us and choosing a specific construction and coating of the pad.

We invite you to take a look and choose the padel tennis courts you like the most! After choosing the option you are most interested in and reading more about it, you will find all the necessary information and accurate data with options.

Our specialists will take care of everything needed for the complete installation of a padel tennis court according to your vision.

Contact us and we will help you to find the best innovative and practical solution for the padel court.

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