The price of building of lawn tennis courts depends on numerous aspects, such as:

geographical location of the object (how close are the quarries of inert substances, whether the heavy goods vehicle may access it); 

appearance of location, where the lawn tennis courts are planned (whether the location is even, without sudden shifts in heights, whether the present substratum of future courts is light (sand, sandy loam) or heavy (clay, clay loam), whether the groundwaters are high or low, whether it will be possible to store the excess soil in site or whether it will have to be removed);

future intensity of the court and level of future players (this determines the type of substrata and type and parameters of the suggested cover);

type of the needed enclosure (3 m height around the entire perimeter, maybe 1,5 m on the sides and 3 m in the end, net or segments, maybe individual, nonstandard, whether the ball catching net above the fence is needed, whether one exit gate is enough, or maybe two are needed, whether wind barriers are needed);

inventory (whether tennis net is sufficient, or whether referee tower, benches for players, towel-horses, meters, waste baskets are needed, whether the basketball stand is planned).

The building price of the lawn tennis court of the most popular set on the land lot of average complexity is EUR 29 000–35 000. 

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