The best in class.

Maximised spectator visibility to enhance your overall padel experience. The Panoramic Court is a balanced blend of innovation, technology and a manufacturing process that uses only the highest quality materials. The glass panels of this court are only interrupted by corner posts, providing spectators with a great view of the game and giving players an even and unbroken surface with which to confound their opponents. Venues often choose the Panoramic Court for their ‘centre court’; used for tournaments, exhibition matches and group coaching sessions.

  • 2mm pre-galvanised steel.
  • 12mm tempered glass.
  • Laser cut anchor plates for all posts.
  • Exclusive led 306 w.
  • Special adidas netpost and curved lighting pillars.
  • The adidas branding and certificate of authenticity.
  • Mondo Supercourt XN or AFP Turf.

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