Each tennis court is a unique project. Our goal is to offer you an individual solution that best meets your needs, taking into account such surface parameters as speed, ball bounce, cushioning, color.

Court surfaces

Acrylic surface

Clay Surface

Synthetic grass surfaces

Carpet Surface

The ITF classifies surfaces into one of five categories according to its Court Pace Rating:

1 – Slow, 2 – Medium-slow, 3 – Medium, 4 – Medium-fast, 5 – Fast.

Price of tennis court surfaces:

The price of a tennis court surface depends on its size, characteristics and category. The more modern the surface and the more comfortable it is to play on, the higher the price. The price of the surface also depends on the manufacturers. Contact us and we will offer you the best price for the surface that suits your needs.

Installation of tennis court surfaces:

Grip provides tennis court installation services in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
Tennis court installation requires knowledge and experience. Entrust this responsible task for the professionals. Our team inspects and assess the current situation and suggests the solutions that meets the customer needs. After the inspection we send quotation and mutually agree on the following steps. We can provide the design services if needed too. Once the court is designed the main installation work begins. We take care of everything from the ground works to the lightning solution and all the necessary equipment installation.

Contact us and we will help you to find the best innovative and practical solution for your tennis or padel court surface:

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