Tennis has undergone more change than just about any other sport in recent years. With such a wide range of performance and age classes, sports surfaces need to accommodate all types of players.

Textile indoor tennis court surfaces are appreciated by many our clients.

GRIP is official distributor of the Swiss company TISCA, that are developing a product portfolio that’s setting benchmarks in the global market – and has done so for years.

TISCA defined a level of quality for the customers that caters to players’ individual requirements and pursues a single goal: ensuring tennis players feel comfortable on our surfaces.

Sportisca First Line 1400:

  • fulfills all of the criteria a tennis player could ever hope for in the winter.
  • A ball bounce that’s not too fast and is similar to that of sand surfaces, combined with pleasant underfoot comfort.
  • But at the same time, this playing surface also offers the desired lateral support for the player’s foot, which ensures safe movement as well as reliable starts and stops on the surface.
  • Sportisca First Line 1400 has been available for many years and has consistently adapted to the requirements of modern-day indoor tennis. This surface is a huge hit with players, who refer to it as the “cozy tennis court surface.”
  • The First Line 1400 is the only textile indoor surface with a pile weight of 1,400 gsm, ensuring a long service life and maximum durability.

The First Line 1200:

  • was the world’s first textile indoor tennis court surface with a pile weight of 1,200 gsm and has been available since 2000/2001, setting benchmarks in textile indoor tennis court surfaces even back then.
  • The surface thus provides outstanding absorption, which not only increases movement comfort, but also significantly extends the service life.
  • The ball bounce is not too fast and is similar to that of a sand surface.
  • Sportisca First Line 1200 is considered to be the mother of the First Line 1400 with all of its exceptional characteristics and is merely a little bit firmer underfoot – the perfect playing surface for players who like it a little less soft.

The Colors – Sportisca Matchplay

The Colors – Sportisca First Line

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