TopClay surface is an innovative and modern alternative for classical clay court. The TopClay may be used for playing all year round, when air temperature is above zero. You will feel legendary comfort of play in real clay courts. The only difference is that you will not need to spend thousands of euros for their exploitation and maintenance. Besides, the season will be prolonged by 45 days at least!

The TopClay system  consists of nonwoven material carpet with a humidity controlling membrane. The carpet is attached over the entire surface of the hard base (asphalt or concrete), and the surface is filled with clay.

The TopClay stays even in the entire course of the game. No unevenness is caused as it is characteristic for classical clay court.

The TopClay ensures even and steady bouncing of the ball in the entire area of the court in the entire course of the game.

The TopClay absorbs perfectly the loads, so it will allow forgetting pains in the back and joints.

The system TopClay may be used outdoors and indoors. Only maintenance differs.

TopClay is certified according to the ITF requirements and is attributed to the ITF category 1, similarly to classical clay courts!

If you want to try this surface, please contact us for more information.